Sabtu, 12 September 2015

10 soal bahasa inggris bisnis dan jawabannya

1. Both of the women…..from Jakarta.
a. are                                       c. was
b. come                                    d. is
2. All the wine….. in the dining room.
a. are                                        c. was
b. does                                     d. is
3. Do you like……
a. they both                             c. they all
b. them all                              d. are
4. ……those oranges are sweet.
A. both                                    c. none of
b. none                                                d. no
5. Both of…..attended the meeting last week.
a. us                                        c. we
b. your                                     d. they
6. we…….understand what is going on.
a. none of                                c. none
b. all of                                    d. all
7. A: how many student are there in the room?
a. all of us                                c. none
b. both of us                            d. no
8. Both…….are very interesting.
a. book                                                c. all
b. novels                                 d. of
9. You…..must arrive on ILMU PELET BIRAHI time everyday
a. all of                                    c. all
b. no                                        d. none
10. Does he want to help……them?
a. no                                        c. none
b. both of                                d. of
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